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Apr 15 2010

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Greetings and salutations!

In advance of some upcoming changes to my “Shooting from the Hip” blog, I have decided to spin off posts about my Common Ground project to its own separate blog.

I envision this blog as place for me to post new diptychs, show some of my favorites from the past, give updates on print availability and keep the dream alive to one day have Common Ground published in book form.

Last Friday, I gave a talk to Terry Vitacco’s photo story class at the College of DuPage. It has been three years now since the fateful day when I met Amanda Grabenhofer in Vitacco’s class. On that afternoon, after showing my Cagwin farm story, Amanda raised her hand and announced that she lived in the subdivision that now occupied the Cagwin’s former land.

On April 13, 2010, I stopped by the subdivision to make some more photos and started my 17th year of work on the project.

Today, I created a diptych from last week’s shoot, that I know is not perfect but is a starting point to a successful pairing.

On the left, a disconsolate Harlow Cagwin hangs his head just feet from the wrecking ball that will moments later crash through the walls of the home that he had lived in for the previous 73 years.

On the right is another large stone, but instead of a device of destruction, this stone is an address marker for one of the Grabenhofer’s neighbors.

There are so many delicious ironies in suburbia.

I don’t hate the suburbs. I love the suburbs just like I loved the farm.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


2 comments on “Common Ground- The Blog”

  1. You say it is not a perfect diptych, but I disagree. It is quite perfect. I am glad you started a separate blog for your Common Ground story. I really look forward to following it! From the first time I saw this story, I have always been amazed at how you put everything together. Keep it up!

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