have an empty space on your wall?

By: commongroundtheblog

Apr 19 2010

Category: prints


A handful of my Common Ground diptychs are available for purchase at 52 selects.

According to the website- this is what 52 selects is all about:

The idea for 52 Selects was born in 2007 when photojournalist Ken Hawkins opened H2 Gallery in Atlanta. H2 was like no other gallery in the southeast as it exhibited strictly photojournalism and documentary photography.

Soon after opening, Ken wanted to pair his traditional brick and mortar gallery with an online presence so that he could expand his client base nationally and internationally.

Now we’ve expanded that concept. 52 Selects is a gallery with both an online and a brick and mortar presence. We specialize in original photojournalism and documentary photography that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

We present weekly, featured offerings through this website and through our partner gallery, Ampersand, in Portland, Oregon. In the months ahead we’ll be partnering with small traditional galleries around the U.S. and Canada.

As curator of 52 Selects, Ken draws from nearly forty years in photojournalism and has long-established relationships with some of the most dedicated and talented publication photographers in the world. These unique relationships allow us to present original, signed images at affordable prices.

We’ll make print collecting a vibrant, dynamic experience whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting out.

Support great photojournalism at www.52Selects.com.


In addition to my images, the site also features work by David LaBelle, Bill Frakes, Rich-Joseph Facun, Alan Berner and 9 others.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


2 comments on “have an empty space on your wall?”

  1. Thanks for posting about 52Selects. Sounds like an interesting concept.

    Just a heads up – the link at the end of the post isn’t absolute and results in an error.

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