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Apr 19 2010

Category: new diptychs

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Yesterday, I shared a single frame from the subdivision.

This afternoon, I sat down and made a match from another image from the same scenario.

The farm side is a photo of Harlow Cagwin moving a cow into position so his wife Jean (in background) can place a tag on its ear.

Back in the early days of my farm coverage, all I was interested in was the mechanics of the daily work on the farm. It was only in the latter years that I became more interested in the emotional side of the Cagwin’s lives. If you were to look at the negatives from between 1994- 1999, most of the photos were taken outside of the Cagwin farm house. In fact, a lot of the photos were just of the cows and calves.

The subdivision side of this new diptych shows Abby and Caity and a random friend whose name I neglected to get pulling another unnamed girl up the slide.

I have never really provided much information with my diptychs besides the dates that the images were taken.

I think that is because I think the Cagwins represent every farmer in America while the Grabenhofers represent every suburbanite in the country and the specifics of their lives aren’t as important as the universality of the moments.

Or maybe it is because I am too lazy to get names and write captions.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


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