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May 04 2010

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Back in 2007, I hung out with the Grabenhofers on Halloween.

It was the photo bonanza that you might expect when triplets go trick or treating.

At one point, Aiden, Abigail and Caitlyn rang a door bell and no one answered. They froze until their mom Amanda told them that not everyone would be home to give them candy.

A sweet moment.

I paired this wistful heart warmer with a sad photo.

On the left, Harlow and his three sisters also occupy a porch.

On this day, June 4, 2002, the Cagwin siblings reunited as the farm’s barns were torn down.

I never met Harlow’s siblings until the final weeks of the farm.

Since they too lived a huge chunk of their life on the land, they returned for many of the big events leading up to July 2, 2002 when the farmhouse suffered the same fate as the barns.

This day, like many others back then, felt very much like a funeral as the Cagwins stood in silence as the familiar worn structures were reduced to rubble.

Once again, I don’t know what I am trying to say with this pairing.

Each diptych touches me on multiple levels.

They say things that I can’t verbalize.

They speak of my life, my hopes and dreams for my children.

They touch on my mortality as I age.

They remind me that life is fleeting.

The Cagwin farm is gone and so is 2007.

The Grabenhofer triplets are almost three years older now.

The Cagwins have moved south, too far for me to visit more than once every year or two.

The best I can do is be the visual record keeper of life as time flies on an 118-acre parcel of land in Lockport, Illinois.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


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