it’s all in the details

By: commongroundtheblog

May 06 2010

Category: new diptychs


I am up to about 100 diptychs, give or take, for this project and only a small handful of them are detail shots.

Today’s new pairing is of two photos that I have always liked but never put them together.

On one side, you have Harlow’s hand with its split and worn nails while on the other, you have Amanda’s hand as she fixes Abigail’s hair.

Done and done.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


2 comments on “it’s all in the details”

  1. Scott, this popped up in my RSS feed and I was super stoked. This is one of my favorite diptychs you’ve done, the combination of the hands on things that they work so hard on every day.

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