introducing Joe

By: commongroundtheblog

May 20 2010

Category: new diptychs

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I adore the Brady Bunch.

As a kid and when my kids were kids, I loved sitting around and watching a block of episodes.

Everyone of life’s lessons was taught somewhere in those 117 episodes of the ABC series.

The show jumped the shark though in the final season when Cousin Oliver was added to the cast.

So, why Scott are you bringing up the Brady Bunch?

Well, today I am adding a new character to the Grabenhofer story.

That character is Cousin Joe.

Joe, who graduates from Lockport High School in early June, has been living with the Grabenhofers for awhile.

Up until this point, I just hadn’t made a diptych involving Joe.

That changed today when I walked into Joe’s room.

Joe’s walls, like mine as a teen, are covered with magazine photos- half sports and half swimsuits.

On each bedpost is a hat.

For a match, the best I could do is a different version of a Harlow hat photo that I have used in a previous diptych.

Hopefully, there will be more Joe in the future.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


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